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Once again by embracing new technologies with the old we are able to bring the most out of your project. Adding depth, diemension, and power to your music. 

If it's just a Single, an EP, Album, or Film. I can Master it. I am Apple Digital Music Certified, can create DDPs, and help with recommendations for distribution. 

As with mixing, I approach mastering in much the same way. The goal is take what is given to me, and elevate it a step more. Clean any final noises and do a last polish all while making sure the song is of proper loudness and formats. This is also the final QC of a song/project for most artists. 

Quality Control: 

A very intense listen through your content to check it is ready for Mastering.


Ensure produce is correct loudness for the deliver medium without compromising dynamics and musicality.


Utilizing both digital and analog tools to enhance the audio bringing out the details and emotions


Delivery of files in all formats to match distribution including DDP. 

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